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Rootkits - What is that?
Thursday, September 07, 2006
Are ROOTKITS a new threat to PC users? Well only few of you might be knowing that it is possible to hide spyware or a virus in a way that can at times fool your traditional antivirus or spyware products. Some spyware programs are already using so-called rootkits to hide deep on your pc ! So better take precaution and download files only from trusted sites.

However, if you want to check your system for infection, then F-Secure has developed a new Beta version of their BlackLight Rootkit Eliminator. It is a tool that detects files, folders and processes that are hidden from the user and other programs. BlackLight is also able to remove hidden malware by renaming them.

Rootkits for Windows work in a different way and are typically used to hide malicious software from, for example, an antivirus program. It is used for malicious purposes by viruses, worms, backdoors and spyware. A virus combined with a rootkit produces what as known as full stealth viruses. Rootkits are more common in the spyware field and they are now also becoming more commonly used among virus authors as well.

For more info and a download visit :
posted by Administrator @ 2:56 AM  
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