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Five Orkut Tips and Tricks for Beginners (Part1)

Monday, September 04, 2006
Well most of you might be using orkut, if not just create an account at, and be in touch with your friends. Here I have collected some tips for Orkut beginners. I think most of the users might be aware of these tips, but if not you can always make use of these tips. And don't forget to comment about these tips and tricks - whether it was useful or not.

Some Tips for Orkut Beginners

1) When any one of your friend comes online his/her photo and name will be displayed first in the friends list. And when you click on view friends, his/her name is displayed on the friends list ( that is it should be the first name ) then it implies that he/she has viewed your profile. However, now-a-days Orkut just keeps a counter for a day, or a week and since Feb 2006, keeps updating the count.

2) Have you ever wondered - what the view network is really about? Seriously speaking, I found many of us don't know much about this. However this has got a lot of significance, and is one of the best method for knowing which friend is online and is viewing your profile most of the time.

You might be wondering how is it possible. If this is the case, then you might not have noticed the use of different colors on the 'view network' page.

  • When you view your friends network, the emphasis is placed on the most active members of the community.

  • On your network page, the person who most recently logged in to will be featured in the center of the page.

  • Others who have recently logged in are arranged around the middle person.

  • Each individual's photo has either a yellow, blue or pink background.

  • These colors correspond to their karma ratings (trusty = yellow, cool = blue, sexy = pink.)

  • Whichever rating is the highest determines the color of their background.

3) I hope that the above tip was very informational for you. However, you might be looking out for something different. If it is so, then this tip could be what you are looking for. Well this one infact is not a tip, but it is a small hack. As most of you who use orkut might know that, one can have any number of scraps and the scraps represent the level of your using orkut.

If you don't get scraped by anyone, or just want to increase your scrap counter, then here is a simple javascript that would do wonders for you. This simple java script will just increase the scraps to any number you want ...

First open the scrapbook page of your friend. (In case you want to increase your own count, make another account add that to your friends list and the follow the below given steps)
Do not write anything in the message box and then paste the code given below in the address bar and press go .

javascript:var i=0;function drm(){i=i+1;document.forms[0].elements[2].value="Floods in your scrap book"+""+i+"";document.getElementsByTagName('input').item(3).click();}; void(setInterval(drm,500));

4)Now that you have sent scraps to your friends. What happens if he/she sends you the same. Dont worry. Or if you would like to remove the same. Here is another Javascript for you.

javascript:var j=1; function drm(){javascript:void(0);document.forms[j].submit();j=j+2;};void(setInterval(drm,500));

Just copy the above script and paste in the address link ... press go.

But hold on there is one disadvantage with this. This script can delete only scraps from one page at a time. That implies if you have been flooded with 500 scraps then you have to do this 50 times, because one page contains only 10 scraps.

5) Another new interesting tip is sending a mirror scrap to your friend. Wondering what a mirror scrap is ? A Mirror scrap is the same message that you have typed to your friend but in a reverse pattern.

Example :-

If i scrap the following in my friends scrap book..
" Hi wassup buddy ... how is life ? "

This is how the scrap would look in his scrap
" ? efil si woh ... yddub pussaw iH "

Interesting right. Well beleive me I have not reverse typed it, but just added the following "& # 8 2 3 8" (without the quotes and spaces) in the beginning of the line. Then whatever you enter is displayed as a mirror in the scrap.

posted by Administrator @ 3:00 AM  
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